BGP RFCs and BCPs - query

Sorry, I know many are going to think I should go and scan rfc-index.txt
etc., but there is no real better group of people to ask for definitive

I am going to be *trying* to work on some (free) BGP code and stuff aftre I
leave my day job (tomorrow!), and I will be spending my spare time in the
next week or two reviewing to current RFCs - I am about 3 years out of date
in addition to any normal memory loss.

Can anyone (off list) point me at the current active list of BGP and related
RFCs, primarily for IPv4 but v6 info is welcome. What of the experimental
attributes etc. are actually not experimental nowadays and any indication of
vendor support compatibility issues that may be published.

I *will* be reviewing the rfc-index.txt files but these lists never give the
real world picture IMHO.

I can summarise (on or off) the list if there is interest.