BGP / Requirements, etc.

===== Jamie previously wrote: ====

  Our current backbone told me that it would be difficult to get full BGP
running on our router: a Cisco 7010. RAM is not a problem, we can bump it
up to 64M in a moment's notice.

We have some 7010s running as backbone routers, mainly for regional peering
purposes. The 7010 is identical to 7000 in performance, just less slots.

  Has anyone had problems running full routes on 7010s? Caveats? Things to
look out for?

No problem. Problems seem to occur more on the 7000s since they normally have
more cards and trunks attached and hence more likely to get loaded.

Also, one newbie-type question, our current backbone said that they "may not"
pass traffic routed via backbone #2. If I am running full BGP between both
backbones, what would the technical limitations be of passing traffic between
all three sites (Backbone A, Me, and Backbone B)?

Just make sure you do not provide transit between two networks. Since they
are your providers, the traffic may kill your links if they've got
problems between their peerings/transits.