BGP on Mac OS X?

Does anyone known which open source BGP implementation I can get running on Mac OS X Leopard with a minimum of fuss?

This is for experimentation only (not for a production environment) so I am not too concerned about scaling and performance.

If any tweaking is needed to get it to compile / run on OS X, a pointer to a website with instructions would be highly appreciated.

-- Cayle.

'long as you have your compiler working, Quagga reportedly builds and
runs out of the box:
No clue about OSX, but OpenBGPd works well on generic FreeBSD, you
could give it a try:

-Jack Carrozzo


More than definitely possible for Quagga on Mac OSX, a company here in the UK run their network on Mac Minis.

Kind regards,

Alex Cruz Farmer

Alex Cruz Farmer wrote:

Zebra works fine, too. I use it all the time in my training courses. I suggest running the configure script with an alternative path, though, this way Zebra/Quagga and the OS don't get in each other's way.