BGP Javascript Map/Visualization

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Sorry for the noise. Years ago someone here built and shared a javascript visualization of what their routers saw for the state of BGP and paths to get to various ASs. One could use WSAD and other keys to fly around and examine various other ASs. I thought it was, but that seems to not be a thing anymore. Can someone refresh my memory where that might be? Or did it get taken down?

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- brian

You were close... I think you mean this one?

Neat. Any idea who to ask questions of, regarding the incorrectness of the data? I would have assumed Job, but he's long gone from NTT, is this abandonware or maintained? Anyone know?

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I know where it's hosted, and it was a bit amusing when I left
NTT that he gave me grief about the domain registration ...

  I would love to see it updated, even if it's not from the 2914
vantage point, i think he left some docs about how it was done.

  - jared