BGP IP prefix hijacking

Hi All,

I am planning to write a tool to detect real time BGP IP prefix hijacking.
I am glad to know some of the open problems faced by
I would like to know how the community is currently dealing and mitigating
with such problems.
It will be very helpful to know some of the adopted strategies by the
community to detect bgp IP prefix hijacking and problems that are yet to be
Also I would like to know some of the very well industry standard open
source tools used in the area of BGP which makes life easier.


The more tools the better the net can become.
I find that is pretty good. I have not yet found anything else
as good.

You put in your prefixes and they email notify you of bgp changes they see
with the AS hop string announcing. Helpful not just for hijacks - but to
know that peers of peers are receiving your prefixes with your ASN.

Thank You
Bob Evans

OOPs the Spam thing is just our firewall indicator to possibility - meet a
threshold level - i forgot to remove it when replying. Didnt mean to call
your email spam.
Thank You
Bob Evans

We use a mix of BGPMon and RPKI+RIPE Validator.