BGP full feed for testing purposes


I'm wondering, if there is any public service I can get full BGP feed from for testing purposes.

I admin multi-homed AS50242 with two default routes for now (fail-over). I'm going to prepare new routing setup with extended validation so reall full BGP feed would be usefull. Yes, I can ask my upstream provider for it, but I don't want to change settings in production setup.


Blažej Krajňák

Set up a Vultr instance and you can get a full feed from them for testing. I’ve done this for a route collector and it worked well.

Greg Sowell helps you out here:

You can also launch a VM in your lab

…or you can do next best thing. Which is use AS 65001 and connect your router to AS 65000 under

Please note that’s just test instance, and it has conservative timers (3600/7200) to not overtax CPU.

It’s test instance of CSR 1000v running 16.9.5.

If there’ll be interest, I can setup similar box with IOS-XR and/or with IPv6.

Ah, one more thing:

Hi Lukasz,

your feed is working well. Feed from Poland to me to Slovakia is better than expected :slight_smile: It's my first live BGP full feed ever so I really appreciate you.
Will this instance run for a longer time?

- converting RIS data via mrt2exabgp looks to be broken, it's falling on syntax error in source data. With data it's working but exabgp is single-thread (convergence takes some time) and use much more RAM to start with full feed config than I excepcted.
- from I received email with access credentials, however L2TP tunnel establishment is falling due to authentication error - looks like bug

Thanks to everyone

Dňa 2020-08-05 20:04 Łukasz Bromirski napísal(a):

Sorry, it wasn’t a bug; we had power issues at our DC a few days ago and everything didn’t come back up clean sigh. Please test again when you have a moment.