BGP filtering study resources (Was: CloudFlare issues?)

Dear Stephen,

> Disclaimer: As much as I dislike Cloudflare (I used to complain
> about them a lot on Twitter), this is something I am absolutely
> agreeing with them. Verizon failed to do the most basic of network
> security, and it will happen again, and again, and again...

I used to be a quality control engineer in my career, so I have a
question to ask from the perspective of a QC guy: what is the Best
Practice for minimizing, if not totally preventing, this sort of
problem? Is there a "cookbook" answer to this?

(I only run edge networks now, and don't have BGP to worry about. If
my current $dayjob goes away -- they all do -- I might have to get
back into the BGP game, so this is not an idle query.)

Somehow "just be careful and clueful" isn't the right answer.

Here are some resources which maybe can serve as a starting point for
anyone interested in the problem space:

presentation: Architecting robust routing policies

presentation: Practical Everyday BGP filtering "Peerlocking"

RFC 8212 ("EBGP default deny") and why we should ask our vendors like
Cisco IOS, IOS XE, NX-OS, Juniper, Arista, Brocade, etc... to be
compliant with this RFC:
slides 2-14:
skip to the rfc8212 part:
compliance tracker: GitHub - bgp/RFC8212: RFC 8212 - Default EBGP Route Propagation Behavior Without Policies

The NLNOG Day in Fall 2018 has a wealth of RPKI related presentations
and testimonies: NLNOG Day 2018 – Stichting NLNOG

Finally, there is the NLNOG BGP Filter Guide:
If you spot errors or have suggestions, please submit them via github
GitHub - NLNOG/bgpfilterguide: BGP Filter Guide

Please let me or the group know should you require further information,
I love talking about this topic :wink:

Kind regards,


Job also enjoys having his ID checked. Can we get a best practices link added to the list for that?

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Chief Security Office


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For further community-driven RPKI information there is:

Along with an FAQ: