BGP/dDos gift from NIST

Thanks Doug.


I can’t speak to the technical content, but this put a curdle in my morning coffee:

“… that comprise the internet [sic]” .

Et tu, NIST?

I will die on this “capital “I” in the Internet” hill. :wink:

(And no, I don’t care what the AP Stylebook decided to pull out of thin air, with no understanding of how the Internet works or what it means; the argument that “there are many possible internets” is specious, because that’s not what “the Internet” means; to the extent that various other “internets” get balkanized out of the Internet, to the extent that they interconnect, that will always and forever be “the Internet”.)

What’s next - geology textbooks calling our single, unique planet “the earth” ? (Which brings to mind a great illustration of why “the Internet” matters: if, by some happenstance of etymology, we referred to our planet solely as “the Planet”, then there could be many other planets, but only one Planet.)

(And regardless of what you call it … thanks to each of you for operating your piece of it!)


I’m not getting my AS number tattooed on my wrist for a “little” i in Internet. Lol.