BGP dampening parameters

Do many folks actually implement prefix-based dampening parameters? On
customers or peers only? Seems like more gunk in the router configurations to
confuse folks, although I suppose that it's potentially less confusing than
having customers request that a given prefix be "unsuppressed".

And, _if it wasn't obvious already, for all the folks suggesting that a
globally routable /n (where n = some prefix length) was a requirement, you
should have a look at section 1.5 "Aggregation versus damping". Even if
you're multi-homed and your providers aren't performing any type of specifics
suppression proxy-aggregation type stuff, an aggregate announcement from one
of your upstreams *not* being suppressed could save some headaches.

I don't completely agree with the "bgp fast-external-fallover" section (2.4),
though I suppose it's up to the operator anyways :slight_smile:

One useful addition to the document would be regarding BGP Route Refresh
versus the soft-reconfiguration stuff.

Along these lines, is asking why NANOG doesn't publish these types of BCP
documents a silly thing? Given, the BCP from that perspective seems to
suggest publishing an ID and submitting to some random IETF WG, but