BGP dampening parameters

In the past when a large provider would do a rolling reboot of their routers,
usually in the early morning, some routes would get dampened for a while. It
usually cleared up before the morning business traffic hit. Although there
were some complaints from our friends in Europe about rebooting routers in
the middle of their business day.

I haven't heard of BGP dampening issues for a while. Do they still happen?
Have people adjusted their dampening parameters or are they still using the
Cisco defaults?

My concern is false reports due to the increasing number of sites who plan
to bounce their networks overnight on New Year's.

The original BGP dampening parameters were very agressive. I don't know if
all these sites are aware if they bounce their network more than a couple
times in a short time, they will get dampened. And will start reporting
Internet problems because their network was dampened.

Has anyone in their lab testing done any work to see how well modern Cisco's
react to large scale world-wide network reboots if lots of sites follow