BGP Battleships

I saw the below on SWINOG and thought it might add
some fun in the middle of all this General Data
Protection Regulation conversation. :slight_smile:


--- Begin forwarded message:

So the moral of the story is... "former Level(3)" must step into the bar
and have a beer with the rest of us :-)?


MikroTik Official Response:

Cisco informed us on May 22nd of 2018, that a malicious tool was found on several manufacturer devices, including three devices made by MikroTik. We are highly certain that this malware was installed on these devices through a vulnerability in MikroTik RouterOS software, which was already patched by MikroTik in March 2017. Simply upgrading RouterOS software deletes the malware, any other 3rd party files and closes the vulnerability. Let us know if you need more details. Upgrading RouterOS is done by a few clicks and takes only a minute.

Dennis Burgess, MikroTik Certified Trainer