BGP Attribute 92 ?

I'm not a network engineer, I merely subscribe to NANOG for interesting
things that come across for me to learn about. That being said, I find it
hard to take someone seriously who doesn't know how to write using proper
English with words capatalized and punctuation, etc. I also saw noone taking
the BGP attribute 92 stuff personally. Not to mention, anything that can
disturb services uptime warrants at least a "Sorry guys, my bad." Without a
forewarning, its not exactly a wild assumption to think it could have been
an attack. I believe I remember a thread from a while back about the same
attribute messing a lot of Cisco products up. I also don't see anyone else
resorting to foul language to get their point across. Mayhaps I'm out of
line for sending this, and just needed to vent. If I've offended anyone, I