BGP announcements and small providers

"Justin W. Newton" wrote :

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-> >> Nameservers are a bit harder to renumber, but that's not too bad.
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-> >When you have hundreds of virtual web sites?
-> Uhm, sure. Just slowly decrease the TTL on your name server until you are
-> ready to renumber (and the TTL is set to something ridiculously low such as
-> 1 minute). The customers will then experience something like a 1 minute
-> outage when you renumber. If we are going to start getting into the
-> procedures of HOW to renumber this should likely move to the PIER mailing
-> list. I think if in general people become more interested in HOW to
-> gracefully renumber themselves and their customers instead of worrying
-> about how hard it is to do they would see that while it is work, it isn't
-> really all that hard.

Without wanting to get into pier territory too much, this relies on
applications and networks not having DNS caches.
Caches do get in the way, particularly if an application is
doing the caching ;( )

That said, renumbering is made a lot easier if you know from day 1
that it is inevitable.

(My way of renumbering nameservers, BTW, involves a "changeover
time" where basically you borrow the old address space for a while
and give your nameserver both the old and new address. You then
profile you traffic until noone hits the old address, at which point
you remove it.)

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