BGP announcements and small providers

Uhm, sure. Just slowly decrease the TTL on your name server until you are
ready to renumber (and the TTL is set to something ridiculously low such as
1 minute). The customers will then experience something like a 1 minute
outage when you renumber. If we are going to start getting into the
procedures of HOW to renumber this should likely move to the PIER mailing
list. I think if in general people become more interested in HOW to
gracefully renumber themselves and their customers instead of worrying
about how hard it is to do they would see that while it is work, it isn't
really all that hard.

Justin Newton
Network Architect
Erol's Internet Services
ISP/C Director at Large

TTL is meaningless because Navigator (and probably MSIE and every other
browser) caches DNS "forever". There are people who don't restart their
browsers every day... as I mentioned in another message, I've seen people
going to the old ips up to three weeks after the theoretical time after
which they should have changed.



Do you (or anybody else) know the behavior of the popular proxy caches
out there WRT DNS TTLs and mutiple A records?

There are ways to use both numbers simulatenously.

Case in point, we have 3 sun boxes with IP addresses on their ethenet
ports of,131 & 132. They used to be, 3, & 4.
Through the wonders of vif's and host routes BOTH IP numbers are still
reachable and usable for each box. We had to do this because some of our
dialup customers (wich we are RENUMBERING to "dynamic") are still pointing
to 2 & 3 as thier DNS addresses.

BTW we havent't lost a customer. The real trick is to only do it once.
DON't renumber until you can justify an /18 or so from the internic. I'm
sure the internic will be more than willing to provide you with an /18 to
renumber into if you have close to an /18 of space in use. Just buckle
down and say with your upstream until then.