BGP announcements and small providers

  But now we are receiving many petitions from much smaller ISP's
asking for BGP connections. These small customers are going to announce
few networks (a couple of /24, or some /23). We have no problems to
configure our routers with more BGP peerings, as our routers can support
it, but I'm a little bit concerned about the impact of such small
announcements to the whole Internet.

I think the general feeling is that if the customer is multi-homed, there's
going to be another route announcement for them anyway - whether it's a
/23, /24, or /16 or /17.

If the customer isn't multi-homed, and you're their only path, then:

a) If you BGP with them and pass it on to the global 'net, that path
   will flap if the line goes up or down. This is considered bad.

b) There's no point, if that route is out of your address space, in
   announcing the more specific if there's no extra path to them if
   their connection to you goes down.

Nombre/Name: Javier Gonzalez Vela.