BGP Analysis BOF at NANOG-35

Dear All,

This NANOG meeting in LA will feature a BGP Analysis Tools BOF on Monday afternoon. The purpose of this BOF is to showcase some existing free BGP analysis tools. (

  Link-Rank is one of the tools to be presented in this BOF. Link-Rank is a tool used to visualize BGP routing dynamics and a new version is now freely available from

At last Nanog, we got some requests from operators who were interested in visualizing their own dynamics instead of Routeviews and RIPE. Keeping this in mind, we have setup a temporary web service where you can upload a small period of your ISP's BGP data to our web server. This data will then be processed and made visualization ready by NANOG time, so during the BGP analysis BOF, you can contact us and be able to see your ISPs routing dynamics.
For more information goto:

We highly encourage you to upload a MRT format Rib file and a small period (a few hours) of MRT format BGP update logs to see if you can find LinkRank useful at your ISP. Please email me if you have any questions.


Mohit Lad