bfd & IPv6 on Cisco 4948E-E / IOS 15.2

I am attempting to setup bfd with IPv6 on Cisco 4948E-E running IOS 15.2. bfd on IPv4 works great, but I'm having troubles with IPv6 and spent hours on it. The trouble exists whether I use OSPFv3 or BGP. Each side transmits, but the other side doesn't receive. Same interface works fine on IPv4. Any and all help would be appreciated!

Using this on the interface of each switch:

ospfv3 1 bfd
ospfv3 1 ipv6 area 0
ospfv3 1 ipv6 bfd
bfd interval 500 min_rx 500 multiplier 40

#show bfd neighbors details
IPv6 Sessions
NeighAddr LD/RD RH/RS State Int
FE80::A2EC:F9FF:FE2B:B33F 68/0 Down Down Te1/52
Session Host: Software
OurAddr: FE80::BA38:61FF:FE65:20BF
Handle: 1
Local Diag: 0, Demand mode: 0, Poll bit: 0
MinTxInt: 1000000, MinRxInt: 1000000, Multiplier: 40
Received MinRxInt: 0, Received Multiplier: 0
Holddown (hits): 0(0), Hello (hits): 1000(566)
Rx Count: 0, Rx Interval (ms) min/max/avg: 0/0/0 last: 23068067 ms ago
Tx Count: 566, Tx Interval (ms) min/max/avg: 756/1000/875 last: 268 ms ago
Elapsed time watermarks: 0 0 (last: 0)
Registered protocols: OSPFv3 CEF
Last packet: Version: 1 - Diagnostic: 0
State bit: AdminDown - Demand bit: 0
Poll bit: 0 - Final bit: 0
C bit: 0
Multiplier: 0 - Length: 0
My Discr.: 0 - Your Discr.: 0
Min tx interval: 0 - Min rx interval: 0
Min Echo interval: 0

There's literally one command here in the docs, and it doesn't look like you're using it. You are using one that isn't documented, too. Woo!

I'd suggest taking the 'ospfv3 1 ipv6 bfd' command out and seeing if that still gives you an IPv6 session attempt? If in doubt, add the 'all- interfaces' to 'ospfv3 1 bfd' & look again.

Old IOS and old hardware. Great gear at the time, but I can't imagine anyone at Cisco will be interested in fixing it if it's not quite working right.

The only other thing I've be interested to know is if you can specify a pair of static link-local neighbour addresses under 'ospfv3 1 ipv6 bfd ...'? Something like fe80::1 and fe80::2? As opposed to relying on autoconf addresses.

Hi Tom,

Thank you! None of this is working and unless I've missed something, it doesn't seem to be supported. I tried downgrading to 15.0 and it didn't even have bfd support for anything at all.

I may just have to go without bfd for IPv6 and turn the timers down on OSPFv3. I'm open to any further suggestions or thoughts!

Best Regards,