Best way to San Jose Fairmont from SFO?

Hi all,

I'm flying in for the conference, landing in San Francisco. What's the best way to get from SFO to the conference hotel?


-- Stephen

Depending on commute times with traffic - you will most likely travel 101
Uber works well from SFO. You catch an Uber ride on the arrival level.

Rental car....Google Maps knows several pathways. But it will most likely
take you via 101.
This hotel is popular in downtown San Jose - not hard to find.

Train and Bus travel is not worth considering. However, there are airport
shuttle van services like supershuttle 4-5 passengers being dropped off on
your way south.

Thank You
Bob Evans

Thanks Bob!

-- Stephen

I've taken Uber to and from SFO multiple times (I live in Sunnyvale). Take
Uber (or Lyft as sometimes that is cheaper than Uber) pool and you'll be
paying around $30-40 one way, which is not too bad for 1hr long ride...


I'm arriving on Sunday morning, so have plenty of time, and will take
Caltrain down (BART to Millbrae, then Caltrain), sure it'll take 2h, but
any van service wouldn't be much faster.

During the week, or out of daylight hours it's a much less sensible idea.

Google SFO SJC

I disagree… I’ve done it during the week and it’s not that bad.

I find Lyft to be the most desirable option (About $65), with Uber as
a second choice.

Third choice would be BaRT/CalTrain (to Diridon) followed by either a very
short Lyft ride or VTA bus or light rail.

Another option (if you get on the right CalTrain) is Tamien station and
connection to light rail there.

Light rail gets you _VERY_ close to the Fairmont. The Fairmont has entrances
on Market St. (Front Door direct to Lobby) and First St. (Back door, hallway
to lobby). The VTA light rail northbound is on First St.

I’m not 100% sure of the light rail routing from the Diridon station to downtown
as it’s tied to the Almaden line and I’m usually dealing with the Santa Teresa

I, myself intend to bicycle to the meeting as my home is only about 7 miles away.


I live in the next block along from the Fairmont. For people who want to use CalTrain then there is the Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) that runs from Diridon around the downtown area and will pass by the Fairmont on San Fernando St. The shuttle is timed to connect with CalTrain in both directions and is free, so it's probably the most convenient.

That said... I would just take Lyft/Uber. SFO to downtown SJC via public transport is annoying. I try to fly in/out of SJC as much as possible.


If one uses Caltrain and has luggage there is a luggage car with racks.

Also no wifi on Caltrain but wifi is available on Bart and the VTA (light rail and express buses). The car with the assistance ramp has a washroom, the rest do not.

As a long time commuter (Gilroy to SF) I do recommend Bart to Caltrain to Light Rail as it will be cheaper than Uber. When I last returned from London we took that route. It's also very reliable and usually on schedule.

Yes, I'm a bit jaded on driving in traffic in the area as I've also been doing that for many years.

I've found Citymapper the best app for directions and public transport. Not only was it great here but was fantastic for using the tube in London and walking around. You can call uber or get driving directions from it also.