Best way to deal with bad advertisements?

On Sun, 29 Sep 1996 19:35:31 +0100 (BST)
Peter Galbavy <> alleged:

The really sad thing is that while international lines between
European countries cost so much (the T1 cost from London to New
York is about the same as an E1 from London to Paris/Amsterdam/Stockholm
etc) it is easier for people to buy more bandwidth to the US rather
than European IX's - which would be (a) sensible and (b) the "stick"
to demonstrate to the US NSPs that "we don't need them" - note the

Well thats not true. UK ISP's especially dialup supplying companies
such as Demon and Easynet do need the USA. Firstly most of us
give away software that is from the USA. MSIE and Netscape are
the classic examples. The first place most new Internet users go to
is If you've got a slow connection to netscape
you will lose custom. Its nothing to do with what the ISP needs. Its
to do with what the *CUSTOMER* [remember that person that makes it all
possible] wants. 60% of our userbase require fast access to the USA. So
in any future planning we have to take that into account.