Best practices for telcoflex -48VDC cabling & other power OSI layer 1

Hey all,

I'm looking for a document or set of photos/presentation on best practices
for telcoflex/-48VDC power cabling installation. Labeling, routing,
organization and termination, etc. Or a recommendation on a printed book
that covers this topic.

Not necessarily fully oldschool "we're going to teach all the technicians
how to do the kansas city stitch" stuff, but the sort of thing that's
applicable in a modern colo/IP network environment.

Not sure where to find it exactly but the Bellcore power wiring standard is what is used for central office installations. I think if you google Bellcore standard you will find what you are looking for.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL

ATT TP76300, section 4 goes over installation best practices, although it doesn't cover Engineering guidelines. It's adapted from the Telcordia GR - 1275 standard, little easier to read. Is there a specific question you're looking to answer?

Pretty much this, hoping somebody out there might have developed
photographic training materials based on the DC cabling & installation
section of TP76300 with illustrated "Do it like this, don't do this"
examples. Or would be willing to share photographic examples of their own
work which is done in an exemplary way.

I'm happy to help. Feel free to contact me offline.

Jason Bothe, Manager of Networking
Rice University
o +1 713 348 5500
m +1 713 703 3552

I apologize for the late reply, but even if just for the archives, the best resource for DC power systems and cabling I have ever found is "DC Power System Design for Telecommunications" by Whitham D. Reeve, published by Wiley and Sons as part of the IEEE Telecommunications Handbook Series.