best of breed nowadays in DPI space?

I have been recently researching DPI for several projects I am working
on, and I recently came across this "shoot out" between several
vendors in 2009

Procera (at that time) emerged "the winner" for its ability to process
P2P traffic (out of 15 participants), and I was wondering what new
players, features, or products others might point me to. I am looking
for something that does reporting *and* DPI in a distributed
environment. That means, I might have several DPI gateways around the
country that need to roll up their reporting into one main one. (I
also have some other requirements as far as measuring churn reduction
and cellular offloading, but I'm not sure that any of the DPI
solutions can really do that well.)

If anyone has any good contacts in this space, please let me know and
I might discuss with them in more detail these opportunities that I'm
looking for.

Those interest in knowing more about the DPI + mobility space (what
I'm looking at) might want to check out this Jan 2011 whitepaper.

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Not very technical, but a good overview on the subject as it pertains to LTE.

...and of possible interest to those following this thread, here is a
PCRF to DPI compatibility matrix.

So far, it seems like Sandvine and Bridgewater take the cake when it
comes to 3G/4G policy controls (pricy, I'm sure)

Sept 2010 PR stuff of their relationship

For what it's worth, I just found this great report by Sandvine talking about bandwidth trends in various countries

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