Bermuda connectivity


I'm looking for a carrier to provide connectivity between New York (111 8th or 60 Hudson) and Bermuda.
Can someone point me in the right direction?



Link Bermuda and Logic Communications are 2 broadband carriers on the island. I believe they both have facilities terminating in NY/NJ and I believe they both either own or partially lease the submarine cables that connect the island to the US.


Contact either Logic Communications or TeleBermuda. I used to work for the former.

--- Christer

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I don't have any direct knowledge about Bermuda telecom (I do highly
recommend it as a destination though), but the ask sounds like IPL or waves
to me so cable systems are the logical place to start. NY. Banking. BDA. <


Looks like GlobeNet since Wikipedia is labeling the C&W Gemini cable

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