Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

Short: off-peak usage of telco facilities is not costing the telco any
real money, (this is especially true for LD companies!) as the capacity
planning (and purchase) is governed by peak usage, any screams by them in
that general direction should be ignored, their monopolistic actions
fought with a vengeance: EdTel of Edmonton,Alberta started making noises
as described no sooner than they were beginning to plan their own internet
service. I hear they have a special tariff discount for fax lines (business
or residential) too, or at least used to.
Are they talking with two tounges ?


Bell Atlantic has recently been running an ad campaign here in the
Washington, DC, area offering a $30 discount on the installation of
second residential lines. The ads suggest that they are great for
modem users and families with teenagers. I don't think they would do
this if they didn't think they would make money on it.

However, at the same time they are trying to introduce a residential
ISDN tariff in Maryland that has all calls, both voice and data,
charged by the minute, even during off peak times.