Bell vs. Internet Providers (fwd)

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>From the 'For What Its Worth' Department.

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Bell Canada plants to increase line rate charges for Internet service
providers by as much as 400%, saying the higher charge is necessary because
those providers use lines for 55 to 60 minutes every hour compared with
voice usage on a Centrex line of about 10 minutes. The service providers
say the move aims to eliminate competition for Bell when it introduces its
Worldlinx Internet access by the end of this year. (Montreal Gazette 9 Nov
95 D7)

  The same outrages story is going on in Russia ... they're trying
  to force ppl. with modems pay 2-5 times more for the telephone
  Scumbugs even designed devices to listen periodically to the
  random lines in the TelCo COs , trying to get a modem carrier.
  And if they find one , they put some kind of filter on that
  line which makes impossible to use the modem - till you
  pay the dough

  I think that it is the point in certain other countries
  with state/one company monopoly in communications.