Bell outage

Does anyone know what is happening with Bell network at East Canada?


Cell and the internet all down here from Bell and those sharing their
towers, also 911 services. Banking / ATM also impacted, no idea reason


Mimir Networks

Apparently some fiber cut. No word on the exact model of construction equipment, yet, though.


Single fiber cut causes the much impact?


Everyone has a resilient network until they don't. :blush:


No a single fiber bundle cut doesn’t cause this level of outage.

I am at a family reunion in Nova Scotia and – Bell internet is down, all cell services are down, most land lines are down and 911 services are problematic. A lot of flights in Halifax have been cancelled (impacting our reunion). shows a lot, but do not see any details on outages.

Looks more like a Cyber incident. At the moment cable service at the cottage is still up…. Was in town and all the banks were closed except RBC. Only one gas station on the highway was operational.


John Cavanaugh

    Single fiber cut causes the much impact?

We have multiple redundant backup paths in case of a cut. The backup
paths run about 1 mm away from the primary path in the same cable in
the same conduit. :wink:


     Saying they provided you with geographically diverse circuits versus actually doing it, happen way too often.

And can be hard to know without serious dilligence - two of our upstreams
happened to go through the same 360 networks conduit in montreal that "saw
significant rodent activity". Both were down for 6 hours. A couple customers
had some custom apps that relied on the two, each as redundancy to the other.

That didnt work out.

Getting salesdroids to give you the info can be very hard though, and even
tech dept's may not know what secondary providers their fibres run through or
where, readily.


They can still be incorrect, but KMZs or shapefiles of my route or no deal. Accurate ones too, none of this line running through the middle of a house crap.

Makes me wonder what the GIS department is like at $BIGCARRIER and how such
a workgroup of specialists interfaces with their in house OSP fiber teams
(and those responsible for acquiring IRUs, leasing and documenting third
party dark, etc).

It can be really impossible with multiple carriers because even if you get a geographically diverse route on day 1, carriers are constantly grooming and reconfiguring and since each carrier does not monitor the other ones architecture they cannot even know that they are ruining your redundancy by re-grooming circuits into the same physical paths. The only way you could even begin to know would be to demand regular updates of your circuits physical layout (if they will give it to you and they actual know what it is) and then you would just have to hope that a) their records are current and b) you don't get re-groomed that very same evening.

If you request geo diversity from a single carrier, they should be able to check that they have diverse paths but you have to stay on them to ensure they stay that way.

Steven Naslund
Chicago IL


     We have a case where 2 paths, between 151 front to somewhere in Markham, ended up overlapping 3 times for about 300m total :frowning:

     And to cap the whole thing off... Enter the building thru the same conduit.

     You pretty much need to be onsite supervising the whole thing up.

     And yes their files have the circuits going thru a home, what looks like a gas station, an electrical grids, etc =D. Pretty impressive.

     PS: As rodent, you mean the punks that fire bomb "that" conduit under "that" bridge, a few years back?

Well, imagine what happens when you have a body of water like Lake Ontario separating the key hubs on each side of the border, 151 Front Street and 350 Main Street. The fiber is probably stacked parallel around the lake and at certain points is collapsed into one right of way.

- R.

To generalise - most of Canada's population lives within 160 km of the US
border. That's a 8800 km long, but very skinny piece of territory, and that
makes finding geographically diverse routes ... challenging.

I am pretty sure most of the fiber runs counterclockwise from Toronto to Buffalo. Just a fact.

- R.

( Buffalo resident here.)

That's pretty much true. From Toronto down around the lake, most of the
fiber paths follow the QEW, although I think I saw a map once that had some
down the 406. The challenge then becomes the Niagara River. There are only
really 3 good points north of Niagara Falls to cross the gorge, the Rainbow
/ Whirlpool Rapids / Lewiston-Queenston. (There is an old train bridge just
south of Whirlpool Rapids, but it's pretty decrepit.) Even then, L/Q is the
only option that's generally feasible to reach, and has any decent
infrastructure on the US side.

To my knowledge, most everything goes south to the Peace Bridge . into
Buffalo proper, and over to 350 Main Street. Just about everyone in this
region comes through there, except for Level3. (They're close, down on
Scott Street, and just stub up to Main. But even they don't actually have a
gateway there, they still pull people back to NY/Cleveland.)

I know there is a group trying to do a cable directly across Lake Ontario
to my neck of the woods, which would be really interesting if it happens.
You could save potentially 60k-ish with a direct path vs coming around and
down, and there's a surprisingly decent volume of in-region glass in the
ground on different paths. Plus much of the area north of Buffalo to the
lake is rural farmland, so building something new wouldn't be terribly hard
or expensive either.

Crossing the lake itself is a challenge though. Lake Ontario is really
deep, and there are steep underwater cliffs off the mouth of the Niagara
River (~50m drop over less than 1km) , and again on the eastern side of
Toronto. If they can work around that to get something run, I think it
could be a very intriguing path. I'm a little biased because I think it
could be a great boon for my area ; putting datacenter space in around here
is basically free compared to space up there, and you'd be <5ms from
Toronto, and ~10ms from NYC.

Yeah, I am one of the sales guys for this project across Lake Ontario. It is called Crosslake.

- R.