Bell Canada outage?


.-- My secret spy satellite informs me that at 12-08-08 11:35 AM Darius
Jahandarie wrote:

Anyone at Bell Canada / Sympatico can tell us what's going on? Our routing
table is going nuts with Bell advertising a lot of routes they shouldn't be

Bell leaked a full table. To add to the fun, it seems that TATA took
the full table and releaked it.

A quick analysis leads met to believe AS46618 ( Dery Telecom Inc) is the
cause of this. AS46618 is dual homed to VIDEOTRON and Bell. What seems
to have happened is that they leaked routes learned from VIDEOTRON to Bell.

Based on BGP data I see that at 17:27 UTC AS46618 ( Dery Telecom Inc)
started to leak a 'full table', or at least a significant chunk of it to
its provider Bell AS577.
Bell propagated that to it's peers. Tata was one of the ones that
accepted all of that.

I can see that Bell propagated at least 74,109 prefixes learned from
AS46618 to Tata. Tata selected 70,160 of those routes.

Interesting. I have a server hosted on Bell Canada's network and I saw an outage
of about 30 minutes today, but it ONLY affected connections from Verizon's
network. This includes my own FIOS connection. I still could connect to the
server through Comcast, Level 3 and XO with no problems.

Traceroutes from my Verizon IP only got 2 hops, stopping at a philly router and
traceroutes back to the same IP from that server got as far as NYC.