Bell Atlantic - Just a little congestion (corrected URL)

Is there a FCC URL where the required "oops" report will

Well, there may not be any report filed. The FCC reporting criteria
are designed for POTS failures, i.e. lots of analog phone lines. Although
thousands of T3s were affected by this, its not clear if 30,000 customers
were affected. Remember, resellers like Northpoint or an ISP only count
as a single BA customer. Other carriers do the same thing. For example,
as far as I can tell MCI Worldcom never filed an outage report for their
frame-relay outage this summer, I suppose because only 3,000 customers were

And remember, it was just some "congestion," not an outage.

If one is filed, it will show up at the following URL in 1-2 months.