Bell Atlantic FCC outage report available now

> It's called "cleared while testing" in the States...
Or NTF, No Trouble Found.

Which bit them on the tail...

Mother went bonkers for some manpower utilization analysis deal
in her final decade+. So how it worked was you called in trouble,
folks got dispatched to your end, they called the CO ("It's open
looking back toward you") who first silently replaced the coils
('fuses' to laymen) and then said "looks good from here..."
"Tested Good from the CO..." said the log.

So the CO dodged the bullet and looked good on the weekly stats.
But long term, the manpower study called for the CO's to be
downsized; after all, they never had any trouble to work!

A second aspect of this analysis was "paperwork does not count" --
there was little time for it in the 'budget' so it got skipped.
This virtually destroyed the OPS [outside plant; i.e. cable
pair] records; no one bothered to report bad pairs/ document new
ones used. You just found a new pair and grabbed it.

One day, there'd be no good pairs left. So STEAL one... "My ticket
is closed on time, who cares about the NEW one it created.."

Finally, Cable would getaclue and come work on the bad cable, but
only after customers had all been victims of "paperwork matters