Beer and Gear surprise

1) What does Merit do for Nanog?

Umm, pretty much everything .. unless I've missed something.

2) What gives Merit the right to make decisions about the group
without consulting the membership?

Oh, I don't know, perhaps it has something to do with the fact
that they organize the whole thing and most of us would rather
not be bothered with the details anyway.

3) If Merit is not listening to it's membership, and is only providing the
web page and mailing list, is there a reason why they are still hosting

Nope, not at all. Why not host your own?

1) The NANOG Charter needs to be revised into a more inclusive charter
which includes the resolution of conflicts within the membership, review of
the officials actions by the membership and removal of officials by the
membership in the event that the actions are in conflict with the membership
or charter. There should also be included, in the charter, how to revise
and amend the charter. In this option, Merit would still be the ruling

Dude, get over it...

2) Remove Merit from the ruling body. There is no reason, today, that the
web site and mailing list could not be hosted by someone else. I do not
believe that Merit is doing a bad job, but there isn't that much work
involved in providing this service. The charter states that meetings are to
be organized by the hosting company. I don't see a reason why this could
not continue. The charter will still need to be resizes, however to include
the items from option 1

Again, please, go setup your own. Give away bloomers, create a
bunch of rules, have your way with it...

3) Continue to live under the rule of a ruling body that does not consult
of inform it's membership or decisions that affect the membership and


I don't want to play politics, but I think something needs to be done.

Oh, you don't want to play politics but you're certain we need more

Actually, you know, perhaps that would be good. Then the membership
could vote to tell you that you've been heard, now it's time to shut