Beer and Gear surprise

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Did I miss some discussion about the Beer and Gear surprise? I, personally,
feel somewhat cheated that there was no "gear" available from the vendors in

We brought a lot of gear at the last NANOG, and that was a lot of work.
Routers, even little ones, are heavy and don't make good carry-on

If people think it's useful for us to bring some gear every meeting or
every other meeting, let me know privately what you might like to see in
the way of boxes and PICs and maybe engineering folk, and I'll see what
I can dig up.

On the issue of freebies, I don't know whether people left the talks
early at NANOG 20 or not, because I was busy setting up Beer 'n Gear,
but I did make sure to bring 550 of the important freebies (t-shirts).