becoming a LEC

I have decided to mux down a DS3 into T1's so that my
vendors and customers have redundant access to my
Here is the situation:
Right now my customers/vendors ride the ILEC (I am in
Burbank)into my building. I have another carrier with
an OC3 running into my building so I wanted to take a
DS3 off of that and then MUX that down to T1's so I
can offer LEC diversity (and possibly upstream
diversity). The alternate carrier has agreed to my
plan but I am not sure if there is any regulations or
standards that I must adhere to. Also how do I get my
customers/vendors to choose me as the LEC when they
order the redundant circuit? How do I create a




  While I am not a Lawyer and therefore cannot offer a legal opinion, you have ask a legal question not a technical one. You are in the State of CA
unless there is another Burbank in the country. You would have to go to your Public Service Commission or PUC or whatever they call it in CA to
find out all of the regs on becoming a CLEC. If you can be a data CLEC without being a Voice CLEC then you may get away without having to offer E911
and other services. The question is can you be a "reseller" of the service without full CLEC status. In GA and other States that I am familair with you need
a Carrier number that costs about 20k to register.

Go talk to a telecom lawyer in CA.

John (ISDN) Lee

(I Still Do not kNow)

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