BCP38 dismissal

OK, I'm an asshole.
I'm sure BCP38 can prove to be useful, but I'll never drop
my shields.

I guess being an asshole is not so bad given that I have
plenty of company.

It is unfortunately true that you do have lots of company. If I could get away with dropping all routes from people like you I'd be a lot happier. (and we'd all be a lot safer)

I am pretty certain James was not suggesting you "drop your shields". My understanding is he thinks anyone who -only- protects their own router CPUs, but lets random packets leave their network with fake source addresses for other networks is an ass hole (shields up or not).

Assuming that is what he meant, I agree with him.

Now, would you care to reiterate your ass-hole-ness and admit to 10s of 1000s of your closest friends that you let your users attack them (and me!) in undetectable ways, make things like the Kaminsky DNS vulnerability possible, etc.?