BBN Peering issues

fair@clock.ORG (Erik E. Fair) writes:

If this perception breaks down, watch out. Theodore Vail was allowed to
create the regulated monopoly AT&T in the early part of this century on the
promise of Universal Service, which meant not only that everyone had a
telephone, but that *all* telephones could call *all* other telephones -
one big, happy, PSTN.

I think the history of Western Union interconnections with other telegraph
companies may be more interesting. At one point the US Congress passed
a law requiring Western Union interconnect with other telegraph companies.
How many other telegraph companies can you remember?

Missouri still has a law on the books imposing a $25 per day fine on
any telecommunications company which doesn't offer interconnection to
other telco's in the state. Perhaps the amount of the fine hasn't kept
up with inflation since the law was originally enacted, I suspect several
large providers would willing pay $25/day in perputity to not intereconnect
with their competitors. But the sentiment remains.