BBN Peering issues

you keep missing the most obvious interpretation:

1.85% of exodus's output goes to bbn.
10-30% of bbn's input is from exodus.

this may still be a ridiculous figure, but maybe not, if exodus is hosting
30 of the top 100 web sites.

>off. Let's face the facts, BBN is only 1.85% of my traffic. By all


>we estimate to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic. Lots of

luck. We

>actually see a massively inverted benefit scale in this particular


It seems intuitively reasonable to me that 1.85% of Exodus input comes from


No arguments there. I would like to know where the "By all accounts, we


to be in the area of 10-30% of their traffic." sentence comes from. Are you


that 10-30% of BBN's total output goes to Exodus? Or that 10-30% of Exodus


goes to BBN?

The first scenario is ridiculous. The second scenario is possible, but I

would suspect