BBN Peering issues

The following is purely my opinion and has nothing to do with my employer,
although in this case, my employment situation prevents me from saying
what I really think should be said.

There are a lot of things that should be said here. However, due to NDAs
and company policies, I am not allowed to say most of them. However, I
will say this:

  1. At least one provider being cut off is a peer.
  2. BBN's customers will feel pain when that provider is cut off.
  3. That provider's customers will also feel pain.
  4. BBN has not worked with that provider to resolve this privately
    under NDA.
  5. The NDA which was part of the soon-to-be former peering arrangement
    prohibits the disclosure of many details that would be important
  6. I suspect it will take much more than an hour for BBN to resolve
    this once they have taken the actual step of disconnecting any
    of these providers.


Well, I still haven't heard a peep outta the BBN/GTEI high-up's about

I must conclude that they are busy trying to formulate one big lie to
present us all with. Or, possibly, ignoring the problem at hand, in hope
that the attention surrounding it will dwindle eventually.

What really amazes me is this: When the disconnection takes place (if it
does), people will call BBN/GTEI tech support left and right, asking why
they can't access their fav. high-volume web sites. This will leave
BBN/GTEI tech with two options:

- tell the truth, and admit to their own stupidity.
- bend the truth, slandering if necessary.

None of these options seem attractive. :slight_smile: