BBN Peering issues (fwd)

From: Sean Donelan <SEAN@SDG.DRA.COM>
Where do you think senior corporate management comes from?


As a former GTE (TelOps) employee, I'd have to disagree. They are formed as
anatural result of the birth of a clueful person. Just a clueful person is
made up of Cluons, Newton tells us that there must be an equal and opposite
reaction, resulting in GTE management, made up of Anti-Cluons. If they were
to actually POSSESS a Cluon and get intelligent, they would instantly cease
to exist, and a new Anti-Cluon would have to be promoted into their place.

Just thought you should know (and I wonder if this violates my GTE
Confidentiality Agreement?)


Hell no... They reproduce by fission... like all bacteria.

-- jr 'Lunch for anyone except Patrick who identifies the source' a