BBN outage

Every private reply I've gotten has basically said "nope, nobody at
BBN posted anything to anywhere about the outage" and a few said
"I called the NOC and found out the story".

That's silly though... there's now thousands of providers out there.
One good posting to an outage list that could be put on each little
provider's status pages would save hundreds of calls of the big-network NOC.

You'd think us network-operators would learn from these past several
big outages and have a good, reliable, mailing list up by now, but
I haven't heard about one. I'm reluctant to start it myself, because I
don't have enough network paths out of here to make it useful during
a serious multi-provider problem.

I got a trouble ticket report from BBN when the outtage occurred, but that's
probably because I'm a customer.

I am very surprised that they did not have a generator backup on their UPS
at such a critical site.