BBN outage

Because loss of connectivity for a day costs 10's of thousands
of dollars and, evidently, even the "big" companies are not
immune from "acts of god" like what happened today.

Don't forget to submit those claims for credit under BBNplanet's 99.9%
connectivity guarantee announced on September 24, 1996 within seven days
by electronic mail. How you send electronic mail when your network is
down isn't known. There seems to be a pattern forming here, AOL
went off the air shortly after their provider announced their
backbone availability guarantee too.
Yes, its funny if it wasn't so serious. Every provider has problems,
and their problems effect other people and providers. Hopefully providers
will learn people notice when their network disappears. Maybe they just
like getting lots of phone calls to their NOC. But it would be nice
if there was a way providers could keep a broader audience informed
rather than waiting for people to call.

Am I really that unusual? I expect the worst to happen, and am always
pleasently surprised when it doesn't.