BBN & history (was Re: New list Top 10 ISPs)

Just for historical accuracy.

Genuity used to be a BBN-owned ISP named BBN Planet (thus AS 1). BBN was
acquired by GTE. When GTE and Bell Atlantic merged to create Verizon,
the ISP (but not the rest of BBN) was spun off as Genuity.

Craig Partridge
Chief Scientist
BBN Technologies (a Verizon company)

  Does anyone else think this Intellectual Property Claim Service stuff
for .BIZ is a scam? We started getting flooded with questions from our
customers, who in turn have been flooded with notices from their lawyers
on this. A quick read of all the stuff on the ICANN and Nuelevel sites
makes me sick. The only benifit I see from this "IP Claim Service" is the
registrars getting rich.