Jeff Mcadams wrote:

Thus spake Richard Irving
>***As the originator of syn, *actively requested* content.***

  I know... I had the same *exact* thought on the way home.. :slight_smile: (PASV)

Also, some about UDP. :\

   Transmitter Paid ?

  But, as you realize the stuff of pricing this model is not inplace
(although, most have the skeletons laying around) Lots of things
could be given thought ......

  For example.. Mileage banding.

Cost for "call" = INBAND XX DS0Mile/Seconds + YY OUTBAND DS0Mile/Seconds

(Ie: What I should have called earlier SYN path, and ACK path to coin

The earlier math didn't expound upon async flows.. :\

Interesting ramifications if you roll out towards
that model. It sort of parallels the book, and record industry, as well.

Gain popularity.... And you local NSP will "build" out to *you*!

(ACK clustering, and final mileage.) :slight_smile: