Banned on NANOG

You expect? Bill, nothing personal, but your S:N is 0:6 at this point. Not
one single op post ever. No meeting attendance. Not one answered technical
question. How about earning a few stripes before making demands of NANOG?
Srh may be in need of a config change, but she's one of us. Show some



Actually, that's incorrect. I've been in the underside of network ops for years. Just because you've personally never seen me, just as I was unaware of who Susan was, makes neither of us nonexistant. I'm as much a user of this list as you are, and if you look carefully, you'll see some posts with my name in them, because I was having an offlist conversation with someone who posted a chunk of it back. I can appreciate what you're saying, but on the same token, this list is as much a tool to do my job as any code or policy I've ever written. To paraphrase the Vix, what I've said doesn't matter, it's what I'm saying that's important.

If you'd *prefer* I keep my cantankerous carcass in the public light, I guess I could make some posts. But given my posting habits and bad people skills, I think it's best that I don't, and I'm perfectly fine to lurk. Those on the list who do know me and work/have worked with me would probably agree with me.

As I said before, I'm not a routing engineer, nor representative of a large provider. I do, however, work for a reasonably large network traffic consumer and have to be aware of external conditions and issues, as well as developing technologies, legislation, and trends. I have no idea what you do, other than that shiny domain on your email address, but I'm not going to make the assumption that you're useless and have no place here, simply because I don't know you personally.

I don't think my expectation for a response for adjustment of the charter to make moderation, well, moderate, is unreasonable. We're all professionals here, aren't we? As for my S/N ratio, not a single post I've made yet has been offtopic, and apply directly to the lists functional operation, if you want to nitpick. I just want it fixed before all the clue leaks out.

- billn