Bandwidth Monitoring per AS

Could some of you share your recommendations on the best tools for monitoring per AS communications. I would like to track all source AS to Destination AS traffic utilization.

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Depending on your needs:
- (some patches here
- Arbor PeakflowSP
- anything base on netflow

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Babak Pasdar a �crit :

Depending on your price range, you might want to take a look at Arbor's
Peakflow SP. There is some pretty top notch traffic and routing analysis
tools in their package.


Stefan Fouant
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Yes, we use Arbor here and *really* like it... powerful system - not
cheap but worth every penny...:wink:


Pretty Sure Arbor makes a good box. If you are looking for reporting and auto-tweaking of your traffic, you can look at the Internap Flow Control box as well.

Junipers let you configure multiple IP addresses on the same network as
subinterfaces of a given physical interface. Seen a lot of this at places
like GigExchange, making it easy to use simple things like MRTG to graph
exactly this.

A free Netflow option is CUFlow, you can graph via AS/network/protocol.

It is a bit outdated, but gets the job done here, as these details are
not mission critical for me.

Another netflow open-source solution is flow-tools/FlowViewer. Here you
can track traffic to or from an individual, or combination of ASes, over
time via RRDtool graphs. Other fine-tune filtering is available as well.