Bandwidth issues in the Sprint network

I am currently having problems get upload bandwidth on a Sprint circuit. I am
using a full OC3 circuit. I am doing fine on downloading data, but uploading
data I can only get about 5Mbps with ftp or a speedtest. I have tested
against multiple networks and this has stayed the same. Monitoring Cacti
graphs and the router I do get about 30Mbps total traffic outbound, but
individual (flows/ip?) test always seem limited. I would like to know if
anyone else sees anything similar, or where I can get help. The assistance I
have gotten from Sprint up to this point is that they find no problems. Due
to the consistency of 5Mbps I am suspecting rate limiting, but wanted to know
if I was overlooking something else.

See if you can find a nother connector that can help with using iperf. Also,
make sure any system testing systems have tuned IP stacks. That info is also
linked from the iperf web page.

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