"Bandwidth Advisors" - www.bandwidthadvisors.com

Just got a call from "Tosten" of a company called "Bandwidth
Advisors". They represent themselves as a "Independent Telco &
Colo Consultants" (see web page).

Seems that they are calling around ISPs and asking them if they
have an "agent" program. After talking to him a bit I find out
that they will only recommend a company if they are getting a
kick-back from the company. Sounds like a company to avoid if one
really wants an "Independent Consultant".


i'm unsure how this is operationally relevant, but to humour you a bit:

from the looks of it, they are agents. they bring the business and collect
commission, presumably out of the money they saved you by bringing the
business to you (ie customer acquisition cost). i don't see anything wrong
with that and would like to point out that a relationship with a good agent
(ie one who knows his stuff, brings good clients to the table and doesn't
waste your time) is worth it's weight in gold.

if it's not your cup of tea, fair enough - you're entitled to your opinion.
however, billing them as the root of all evil on an unrelated list because
you don't like/understand their business model and/or don't want to work
with them isn't on, imo.