Bandcon (apparently?) no longer providing service to Atrivo / Intercage

Update, Monday, Sept 8, 12:00 p.m. ET: Todd Braning, vice president of BandCon, just e-mailed me to say that BandCon also has stopped providing
connectivity to Atrivo/Intercage. From his e-mail: "Intercage, a new customer, was connected to the BandCon Network for total of about a week. Oncewe recognized and issue with Intercage, BandCon took immediate action and terminated services. We are no longer providing services to AS27595. This can be confirmed here."

From the Washington Post article again. Added "apparently" in the subject

line to avoid BGP surprises again.

WV FIBER is cutting them off on Thursday.

I am starting a pool to see which of their ready-made ASs they will move to.