BANANOG [Re: Specialty Technical Publishers]

> been a core part of the network? I am all for Matt talking about the
> litigation of this case, its a quite common thing now in the wonderful
> world of the internet, so does that now not fall under rules?

The point is that NANOG is supposed to focus on network operational issues
(and by implication also issues of architecture and engineering); issues
of a tangential or personal interest water down the contents, whether or
not they are important for the Internet and/or your business. Including
cashflow, litigation, world peace, and falling asteroids.

Sure understood there, however...NANOG is a discussion list which I
believe needs to focus on more than just the strict network
operational issues. (a user on AS12345 is announcing my IP's can
someone purdy please go smack him and make him stop), such as we do at
the NANOG confrences, discuss everything in and around the network
operations field, which deals with cashflow, litigation, world peace
if your an ISP in say iraq or afghanistan right now, and falling
asteroids headed to your satellites or your datacenters or god forbid
your CEO's Porsche.

The reason for trying to maintain focus is simple: few people deeply
involved in core Internet issues have the time to sift through heaps of
"interesting" discussion that has no relevance for their work. In the
end, everybody who might make a difference will have written NANOG off
and simply not take part. This has to a large extent already happened,
but it would be good not to make the situation worse.

Then I guess the solution is simple...don't sift through it.
Everything eventually evolves from the original reason it was created
and we can't just sit around and not conform to that.

There used to be a mailing list called com-priv, the original purpose
being discussion about commercialisation and privatisation of the
Internet. Maybe NANOG/Merit as a group/organisation should revive
it, and discuss non-technical matters on that? Business Associated
NANOG (BANANOG) discussion would be much happier on a separate list.
Could even sit on a Merit server I guess, it would simply shift traffic
from one list to another.

I suppose, but then we get the complaints of "Grrr *grumble* I have to
sign up for another mailing list just to discuss issues which can
easily be discussed in one location?" but if you can get Merit to
create a BANANOG I guess we can see how it goes.

In the meantime, a tried and tested relevance test for NANOG is very
simple: How do I configure my router for that?

Step 1: Kick the router out of the rack.
Step 2: Bring in big lumberjacks to beat the router until it conforms,
if it conforms skip to step 5, if not go on to step 3.
Step 3: Hire someone who didn't have to ask that question.
Step 4: Get a roll of duct tape and gently slide the router back into place.
Step 5: Plug router in and enjoy!