Bad-ass stress / test tool for IDS, DoS, Firewalls, etc.

I got this because I down-loaded from them. This is a very useful hammer for IDS, Firewalls, DoS devices etc.

"The toolkit created to generate huge loads against test servers for product development is for sale. It is called i408, and can generate up to 1000 concurrent two-way HTML connections per box from real IP addresses in real time from real HTTP logs. Use it to stress and test your firewalls, IDS, load balancers, routers, switches, servers, cache appliances and get detailed performance metrics such as response time, ingress and egress rates, successful and unsuccessful GETs per second. A competitive professional tool to do this costs more than $40,000. $250 per seat per server for 6 months is cheap insurance that your devices do what they claim. See"

I heard that DDoS deliberate attack tools are included if you ask.

Reactive fall down go boom... Last I heard there were less than 5 people
still on staff and there was no further development going on - pending
another round of VC money.. This grasp at any possible revenue seems to back
up that rumor. Too bad, was an almost decent concept.