B8ZS DS3??? HUH??


We have a DS1 line down, that is the result of a line cut along a DS3
trunk. Apparenty, the cut is either so bad, or so hard to reach, that
we are getting an ETR of 2 days+. This is not my problem, however.
When asked about rerouting, one of the Telco techs stated that they
couldn't reroute right away, becasue the DS3 is not provisioned for
B8ZS. To which I replied, "So. I didn't know any DS3 used B8ZS line
coding." Anyway, my question is this: Is there a DS3 signalling
standard that would call for B8ZS instead of B3ZS? And if so, what
difference would it make if the coding were coming in as B8ZS, AMI,
4B/5B, NRZI, etc - it still needs to be demuxed back into the original
signal, to terminate in the switch, right? Besides, I would think
channelized DS1s riding a DS3 would already have been ones-density
ensured, so any ones-density scheme on a channelized DS3 seems moot. If
I am wrong, however, let me know so I can explain this to my techs for
future reference.