AWS re:Invent


I have a free AWS re:Invent full access pass for any community member who can reasonably demonstrate regular knowledge transfer or contributions of useful help to other community members in the past year+. Reply off list with your evidence if that’s you. Conference starts Monday in Las Vegas. $1800 USD value.

Caveat: let’s make sure the pass transfers successfully to you before you buy air or hotel tickets. Only the pass is free and you must cover all other expenses.

Thanks for being you, Nanog.


Just a reminder. The ticket remains unclaimed. If it makes you feel better, I’ll raise the price from free to $10 :slight_smile:

$1800 USD value and the conference is excellent.

Reply off-list if you’re interested.



Although I’m sure many appreciate the offer, this is not appropriate content for the NANOG mailing list.


My apologies.


Not to belabor a point, but this (perhaps just the OP and not a follow-up) but this is EXACTLY what I love about NANOG and why I’ve been a member for. Uh. Ever.

This little community of people that get together with a united purpose of connecting the world.

BGP requires us in a way to trust and care for each other, and I think this post exemplified those principles.