AWS internal networking team contact?

Hey all,

We are seeing major packet loss and high latency at a Level3 node just
before the hop into AWS us-west-2. We had a go live planned for today which
has now been scrapped because T-Mobile customers (a significant chunk of
our customer base) nationwide are unable to login to our app. AWS Support
is dragging their feet waiting to hear back from their internal networking
team and didn't even believe they peered with Level3 at us-west-2 and we
just don't have the time. CEO is talking about pulling the plug entirely on
us-west-2 if not all of AWS and re-deploying to us-east-X or GCP.

If someone from AWS could reach out off list to help expedite my ticket and
get in contact with Level3 to fix their Seattle nodes i'd really appreciate
it. It's already 740 on the west coast and I don't think i'm going home
anytime soon. :frowning:

For those interested, failing nodes i'm seeing are <>
<>. Confirmed that T-Mobile is
routing through those nodes from both SF and NYC. Apple also rejected our
app during review this morning because of network failures while on wifi
which I have to assume are the same ones we've been seeing for the last 96